Sept. 21 Mars square Neptune

Sept21Mars square Neptune on the Midheaven may tear down some deceptive and delusional images that are before the public, and could spark arguments over religious issues. The Moon opposing Neptune and squaring Mars may add to the emotional turmoil. Venus is sextile Vesta, and both are forming a Yod pointing at Eris.  Juno is square Eris, and Mercury is opposing Eris. Fear-mongering and war-mongering may not be working. The Sun square the Ascendant could bring up identity issues, and questions about ego identification. (Do you go to church only because all your friends and relatives go to church?) False prophets and quack experts may be revealed as frauds.  The same old shibboleths might no longer work. There is no point in crying “wolf” if the wolf is extinct. Those who are imprudent with their speech at this time may be saying things they will forever regret.


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