Sept. 22 Autumn Equinox

Sept22The Sun at the time of the Autumn Equinox will be sextile Mars in Sagittarius and quincunx Neptune in Pisces. There may be eager energy for important work, but is the work focused in the right direction? Mars square Neptune may emphasize this lack of focus. The Moon opposing Chiron and square the Ascendant may still bring up healthcare issues, and what the changes may mean personally. Jupiter trine Uranus might bring sudden ideas and good fortune, especially in working with friends, but with Jupiter opposing the Midheaven the people in charge might resist the ideas. Venus and Vesta are still sextile and forming a Yod pointing at Eris, but with Juno square Eris it is likely the voices of discord will be muted.  Saturn and Ceres are square the Midheaven and Jupiter, and sextile the Moon. There could be old labor issues that need to be resolved, possibly over pensions and old-age security.


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