Sept. 24 Libra New Moon

Sept24The chart for the New Moon may seem a bit discordant with Eris on the Midheaven. However, Venus and Vesta are still forming a Yod pointing at Eris, and Juno is still square Eris. This may suppress any discord that might be trying to get out.  The New Moon in the Third House could inspire some new ideas, and with the New Moon sextile the Ascendant and Mars, creativity may be greatly appreciated. Jupiter, approaching a square to Ceres and Saturn, may impinge upon the security and comfort of home life. Fortunately, Chiron trine Ceres and Saturn may continue to be a soothing presence.

This New Moon marks the beginning of a sixth month period in which the New Moon takes place shortly after the Sun enters a new sign. It may be called a period of Double Ingresses, because there may be a double emphasis on the beginning of each new sign, giving an extra layer to the meanings of each sign. The Double Ingresses will last until the Spring Equinox 2015, when the New Moon will take place just before the Equinox.


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