Nov. 3 Sun sextile Pluto

Nov3The Sun sextile Pluto may bring some major exposure in regard to financing and who is bought and paid for. Saturn is opposing the Ascendant, and old-fashioned methods may be falling out of favor. Jupiter square Saturn may show how out-dated the tried-and-true tactics really are. The Moon trine Ceres may offer some comfort and consideration on a grand scale. Pallas sextile Mars and trine Neptune could represent proactive and visionary planning, but Pallas square the Midheaven might mean that the results are too impractical for business. Mercury opposing Eris may keep dispelling discordant information, despite the efforts of Jupiter trine Eris to do some rabble-rousing. Venus trine Chiron may offer new love for health care plans, and Venus square Juno may fight selfish interests in regards to marriage or personal rights.

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