Nov. 6 November Full Moon

Nov6The Full Moon rising in the Twelfth House may reveal some of the closeted activities that were shut away from the public. The Sun in the Sixth House, flanked by Venus and Pallas, might represent the success of service, and the need for thinking of others. The Sun is trine Chiron, and the Moon is sextile Chiron, which may doubly emphasize the public’s need for health care. Ceres sextile the Midheaven might send the message that more nurturing is needed from the business world. Saturn descending could show that old, worn out ideals should be replaced. Jupiter square the Ascendant suggests that new concepts of family and security need to be examined.  Eris in the Twelfth House is trine Jupiter and semi-sextile the Ascendant. Troublemakers may be hiding in the shadows, and fear-mongering may be hidden behind the scenes.

Incidentally, the Sun is almost at 15 Scorpio, which was the ancient astrological timer for Samhain. For those who celebrated Samhain on Halloween, think of this night as “Samhain: The Sequel”, and parting the veil may be a workable option.  Any departed loved ones who were missed on Halloween may be remembered at this time. Definitely a good time for releasing past traumas or removing old garbage.

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