Nov. 10 Mars conjunct Pluto

Nov10Mars and Pluto are co-rulers of Scorpio. On the day of their conjunction, it is interesting to have five bodies in Scorpio, and Mars-Pluto are in the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio. With the Scorpio bodies in the Sixth House, there may still be controversy over who is owed what. The Moon opposing Mars-Pluto may have little sympathy for Scorpio financial institutions. Yet, with Pallas trine the Moon and sextile Mars-Pluto, there may be sensible plans and wise ideas for dealing with the issues. Chiron sextile Mars-Pluto may serve as a reminder that health care is a matter everyone needs, but it can also be profitable. Uranus in the Eleventh House is square Mars-Pluto and may be a signal that there is a need to serve the public good.


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