Nov. 16 Mercury sextile Pluto

Nov16Mercury in the Eleventh House may give a good collective talking-to to Pluto in the First House. Ostentatious displays of wealth are not appreciated when others have needs, and Vesta on the Ascendant may serve as a reminder that home needs come first. Vesta and Jupiter are forming a Grand Trine in Fire with Eris, and there could be some complaints that not enough attention is being given to wealthy homes. However, Juno, Uranus, and Ceres are forming a secondary Grand Trine in Fire, which may illuminate mass movements and the need for comforting the public. The Moon opposing Chiron might indicate a few attacks on health care, and Mars trine the Moon and sextile Chiron could agitate people on both sides. The Sun and Saturn quincunx Eris may help diminish the glitz and phony front presented by the money-lenders.


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