Nov. 22 Sagittarius New Moon

Nov22The Sagittarius New Moon Rises with the dawn, showing the power of the Sun/Moon double ingress. Venus is lurking just below the horizon, maybe offering a hidden restraining influence, though Venus and Ceres trine Uranus might be ready to spring a surprise. The New Moon is squaring Neptune, and may end fanciful and speculative ideas. Mars trine the Midheaven may offer welcome energy and growth for business matters, as well as suppressing trouble with a square to Eris. Mercury is still square Jupiter, possibly revealing hidden motivations behind financial practices. Saturn also square Jupiter may indicate restrictive legal decisions. With Vesta square the Midheaven, homeowners may not get the breaks they had been hoping for. The Midheaven sextile Mercury forms a Yod pointing to Eris, which may suppress whatever discord is developing.


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