Nov. 27 Mercury in Sagittarius

Nov27Mercury┬áin Sagittarius may give a thoughtful boost to those after-dinner philosophical arguments. Mercury conjunct the Sun and both square Neptune could bring a “holy war” element into the discussion, as each side will insist “God is on our side.” It may be wise to focus on the loving and nurturing themes for the holiday, as represented by Ceres and Venus. Uranus is having a trine from Venus and Ceres, and there may be more of a spirit of generosity this year. Venus-Ceres square Chiron might bring more arguments about health matters, though with Pluto sextile Chiron more people may be seeing the need for health care. The Moon trine the North Node might be a sign of more sympathetic values. The Moon opposing Juno and square Pallas could prompt emotional arguments over politics, mass movements, or even military planning. Mars square Eris might just keep down most of the holiday squabbling, but Jupiter trine Eris could remain as a persistent flashy figure out to stir up trouble. Jupiter is still square Saturn, and it might be wise to ignore the glitz of the holiday and focus on family members, particularly older relatives.


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