December 21 Winter Solstice

Dec21The Winter Solstice arrives with a New Moon and a stellium in Capricorn in the Fifth House. It may be the season for evaluating relationships and control issues, asking questions about who is in charge and what are they doing? Ceres and Jupiter are still forming a Grand Trine in Fire with Eris, and there may be internal upheavals caused by ego problems, relationship problems, and philosophical problems. The New Moon, Mercury, and Vesta are sextile Neptune, and there could be favorable talk and warm feelings towards religious matters. Vesta, Pluto, and Venus are sextile Chiron, and there may be positive sentiments towards health care issues. Saturn is void-of-course, and a lot of old fashioned methods may not be working. Juno is rising in the chart, and it might be a time for new associations and partnerships. Juno is trine Uranus and mass movements may be enhanced at this time, though Venus and Pluto square Uranus may raise questions over who is controlling the mass movements.

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