December 24 Mercury square Uranus


Dec24Mercury square Uranus might suggest that if you want your Christmas Eve to be a Silent Night, it might be best to shut off the TV and the computer for the evening. Mercury is conjunct Vesta and Pluto, and it may be comforting to speak with the people visiting your home, particularly older ones who may be celebrating their last Christmas. Juno rising in the chart is trine Uranus, and the airwaves and cyberspace may be filled with political analysis and talking heads instead of holiday cheer. Venus is approaching a square to Eris, and may help hold down the negativity, in spite of the Ascendant-Jupiter-Ceres trine to Eris, which might inspire fear mongering even on the holidays. The Moon conjunct Mars could bring up some heated discussions, but with Moon-Mars square the Midheaven, the talk may not turn  into action. Mercury, Vesta, Pluto, and Venus are trine the Midheaven, and it may be time to improve personal relationships rather than argue about world problems.


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