Dec. 27 Vesta conjunct Pluto

Dec27Vesta conjunct Pluto might make people think about family mortality, and the fates of other families out there. Both are sextile Chiron, and there may be a realization that what effects one effects all, especially in health care. Venus is sextile the Moon and square Eris, possibly bringing a lessening of discord and a new spirit of care. The Moon and Venus are forming a Yod pointing at Jupiter, and questions might be raised about the kinds of philosophy being practiced. Mars is in opposition to Juno, and there may be resentment against some mass movements for having squandered resources. Pallas has joined Saturn in Sagittarius, and old-fashioned items might need new packaging in order to keep the public interest. However, Saturn-Pallas are square the Midheaven and Neptune. The Sun is sextile the Midheaven and Neptune, and the modern spirituality could win out for the hearts and minds of the public over the old, re-packaged religion.


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