Dec. 28 Vesta sextile Chiron

Dec28Vesta sextile Chiron may bring home the success of healthcare plans, and how family mortality may be decreased thanks to timely medical care. Uranus and the Moon square Pluto-Vesta may try to stir up counter-feelings through mass media.  Yet, with Mercury and Venus approaching a square to Eris, no discord may be stirred up. The Grand Trine with Jupiter-Ceres-Eris is starting to break up, with Ceres moving further away from Eris. Mars is approaching a sextile to Eris, but is also in opposition to Jupiter and Juno. Any resentments stirred up the the Eris Grand Trine in early December may boomerang and create some blowback. Saturn is conjunct Pallas, and some major re-branding maybe going on at this time.


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