Happy New Year!

Jan1To the strains of Auld Lang Syne, we bid farewell to these daily Astrological chart postings. As a final bit of advice, with the Sun, three planets and and an asteroid in the Fourth House, it is a good evening to stay at home. The Moon trine Mercury and Venus may emphasize the need to be with family and friends in a safe environment.  Eris trine Jupiter and sextile Mars may be plotting an upset for the coming year. Fortunately, Mercury is square Eris and sensible discussion may prevent an upheaval.  Still, with the Moon semi-sextile Eris, there may be a lot of emotional turmoil, especially with the Moon forming a Fixed T-Square with Mars and Jupiter. There may be a lot of drum beating, but the result may be all talk and no actions. Chiron is sextile the Sun, Pluto, and Vesta, and people might be feeling the need to heal  before starting more risky activity.

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