The Perils of Mercury Retrograde

MercuryRetrogradeWith Mercury Retrograde this past week, it feels like all of my time has been spent catching the mistakes of others, while trying to avoid making my own mistakes. Miscommunication abounds, but what I have experienced is nothing compared to the experience of one our customers in trying to get a package in the mail:

Just wanted you to know that USPS has totally dropped the ball on this delivery. I was tracking it when I got home yesterday and, the website stated that they left a notice due to there being “no safe location” to leave the package at. Well, they didn’t leave any notice. When I noticed this, I called the 800 number but, because it was taking forever for them to answer, I found the actual location number and called them directly. A man answered and he told me the carrier was right down the road so, I went and intercepted her but, she didn’t have the package. I called them again and now a lady answered and she put me on hold. After 15 minutes of being on hold, I decided to just run down there and pick it up myself. Unfortunately, they were closed and the people behind the windows were complete A-holes. Mind my french. I still had the call on hold when I got there and the cleanup guy said he didn’t recognize the number even! Anyway, I went to the other post office  and they verified that I was at the right location and, that they should have my package. At this point, I called the 800 number again to file a complaint because, this has happened before. I explained my situation to the lady and she set up a re-delivery for today. Well…, that didn’t go thru either. I tracked the package a little while ago and it isn’t out for delivery so, I called the 800 number again and, after a long tirade about my fiasco, she said that it is there and I can go pick it up.  

 I went to the post office  and they didn’t have the package. They tried to get rid of me but, I insisted and eventually, gotta hold of the supervisor. Long story short, they said it has to be on the truck and out for delivery now so, I should get the package today. I was there for over half an hour. What a fiasco.

I got it! Disc wasn’t broken either! :)


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