The ACS 42 sale continues

EquinoxThe ACS 42nd Birthday sale continues, this time in the area of books. Douglas Adams said 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. To help you with Astrological studies, ACS is offering items on sale for $42.00. The Only Way to Learn Astrology series offers six volumes at $15.95 each. ACS is offering any three “Only Way” volumes for $42.00.

Maritha Pottenger is the most prolific author for ACS. Get any three of her titles for $42.00.  If you are a beginning, you might want her Easy Astrology Guide. If you are studying Progressions, you could study Unveiling Your Future. If you are curious about reincarnation, look at Past Lives, Future Choices. If you have questions about love, you might find answers with Your Starway to Love. 

Maritha has also written booklets on Mercury, Venus, Chiron, and Juno. Get all four of these booklets, plus one of Maritha’s books, for $42.00


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