ACS chart sale

PrezErisACS is continuing its chart sale.  On sale this week is the Student Color Chart, for just $5.90. If you are studying the chart of another person to compare with your own, then you need the 2-Ring black-and-white chart, on sale for $9.30. The outer ring is left blank in case you want to add transits or progressions, or just scribble notes.  One of our most attractive charts is the Star chart (example above), which comes with a 12-sided star in the center. The Star chart can be run in color or black-and-white, depending upon your request, and is on sale for $5.05.  Finally, we have the Aspectarian chart, which has color lines in the center, marking the aspects between the planets. The Aspectarian chart can be run for either color or black-and-white, though the lines in the center remain in color. On sale for $5.90.

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