ACS Still Continuing Chart Sale




ACS is still continuing its chart sale. The most decorative chart is the 8-Color chart, with aspectarian lines and a key sheet for explaining planetary patterns. If you need to find your place in the world, then you need our Astrolocality Map, which places the midpoint lines of the four angles of your chart and your planets on a map grid.  See which important lines in your chart are passing through which cities.  If you are into Uranian Astrology, then you need our Dial Chart, which is designed for use by the Uranian Dial. The Dial Chart places the planets on the outside of the circle based on whether they are  cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Finally, if you are an investor, you should try our Dynamic Astrograph, which was designed for stock market studies based on the fluctuations of the planet Jupiter. See what Jupiter manifests in your life by studying the highs and lows in the graph.

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