Simonne’s Pluto Booklet is finally here!



After much hard work, Simonne Murphy’s booklet, Pluto in Signs, Houses, and Aspects, is finally available. A good guide for beginners who are trying to understand this dwarf planet, formerly a real planet.

ACS is continuing its chart sale. For those who are studying Vedic Astrology, the Hindu chart is on sale for $7.60.  If you are interested in Biorhythms, our 6-month color Biorhythm chart is on sale for $5.90. For the gamblers out there, try our Winning Overview, which gives the lucky days for each month. On sale for $5.90 for one month, $16.10 for 6 months, and $25.45 for 12 months. Finally, does anyone remember Astrodynes? It was a system for quantifying and summarizing planetary interactions. The calculation sheets are on sale for $2.55.

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