ACS September Specials





Calendar season starts in September with the arrival of the 2016 Llewellyn Astrological Calendar, the 2016 Daily Planetary Guide, and the 2016 Pocket Planner. Also available this year is the 2016 We’Moon datebook. Be sure to get Simonne’s new booklet, Pluto in the Signs, Houses and Aspects.

Also on sale this month is the book Past Lives, Future Choices. For further past life study, check out the report Your Past Lives which is on sale. For those studying asteroids, Asteroid Goddesses is on sale. Anyone thinking of moving to a new location should consult Astro Map Analysis and the Relocation Profile

ACS is continuing the $5.00 book sale on older titles, and Moon Tides, Soul Passages is marked down to $15.00.

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