ACS December Specials


Read the December ACS Newsletter to find out the connections between the Full Moon on Dec. 25 and the spiritual rebirth of Ebenezer Scrooge. For December, ACS has put on sale the two most popular reports, Planetary Guide to Your Future and Skylog. Get 15% off these reports and find out what to expect in transits for 2016. In keeping with the season, ACS is putting on sale the booklet, Search for the Christmas Star, which will enable you to study the Astrology behind the Star of Bethlehem. As a special premium this month, buy a book, a booklet, or a calendar, and receive a free copy of Zodiac Gift Guide, an amusing booklet on how to do your gift shopping based on Sun Signs. Also, ACS is continuing the $5.00 book sale on old titles like Easy Astrology Guide, The Book of Jupiter, American Midpoint Ephemeris 2006-2020, Unveiling Your Future, and Your Starway to Love.

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