End of the year ACS Software sale


For the end of 2015, ACS is having a sale on software. If you want to do just a basic natal chart, then you need “The Electronic Astrologers Reveals Your Horoscope“, which also provides a 50 page report explaining the chart. If you want to study the chart of a significant other, then you need “The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Romance“, which gives you a two-ring chart, and explanations of the aspects between the two charts. If you are looking ahead, then you need “The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future“, which runs a three-ring chart for Natal, Progressed, and Transits. The program provides interpretations of the aspects between the three charts. If you want to save money by getting all three of the ACS programs at once, we have “The Electronic Astrologer Series.” For the artistically inclined, we have “Astrological Mandalas“, which creates figures similar to the old spirograph, that are depictions of the orbits of two planets based on a vantage point from a third planet. Finally, for gamblers, we have the “Lucky Times” software, which is based on the gambling programs of Joyce Wehrman. The program can also be used for attempts at Rectification.

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