Can the Prince of Darkness find happiness with the Joker’s Mistress?


Romance is the theme for February, with Valentine’s Day and Leap Year. Don’t forget Feb. 29 is the traditional day for women to propose to men.  To help with Romance, there is a sale on the Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners. In the ACS newsletter there is a same of the report with a major power couple in the tabloids. Guess who the power couple is, and win a free copy of Your Starway to Love. Other reports on sale this month are the Romance Report, Time for Love, Themes for Two, Rate Your Relationship, Relationship Report, and the Wedding Report.

ACS has three new titles coming out this month.

Your Perfect Harmony by Alan Hamilton

Friendship: A Planetary Fairytale by Simonne Joy Murphy

Uranus in Signs, Houes, and Aspects by Thomas Canfield

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