April showering with self-discovery


The theme for April is self-discovery, with a 15% sale on reports to help you with some introspection. If you need more detail in a Natal chart study, Your Planetary Profile, will give you an in-depth examination of the signs, houses, and aspects.  If you want to look a little bit ahead, the Progressed Profile can offer a look at how your Natal chart has been Progressing. If you want some introspection in regard to your spirituality, Your Spiritual Path may offer some metaphysical views. If you are looking for some opinions regarding medical matters and your Natal chart, Body and Soul offers an astrological examination using the Ayurvedic techniques of Indian medicine. (Note: This report does not replace a standard, Western medical examination, and consultations should be made with your primary care physician before making changes in your health practices.)

Don’t forget to look at our new titles: Your Perfect Harmony by Alan Hamilton, and Friendship: A Planetary Fairy Tale by Simonne Joy Murphy. As for Uranus, there has been a slight delay, and we hope to have it available in April. We are having an Ephemeris sale this month, with 15% off the New American Ephemeris for the 20th Century Noon, the Trans-Century Ephemeris 1950-2050 Noon, the American Ephemeris 2000-2050 Noon, and the Uranian Transneptune Ephemeris 1900-2050. Buy a sale Ephemeris and get a free 90 degree Uranian Dial.

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