Romance and other upheavals in June

Uranus288The Uranus booklet has arrived at ACS, and the price is $10.95. The price increase was unexpected, but then a lot of unexpected things happened in producing this booklet. Such is the nature of Uranus.

Marcia Masino, author of Easy Tarot Guide, has written an article for the June ACS newsletter on Saturn in Sagittarius. She presents a Tarot card that represents Saturn in Sagittarius, and comments on its nature, using references to Yoga, Alchemy, and the secret wisdom of the Grangers. Also in the newsletter is a chart for the Blue Moon in June, a second Full Moon in Sagittarius, taking place just hours before the Summer Solstice. Find out what this Blue Moon in June represents.

On sale in June are Romantic reports to help you in your relationship. The Romance Report is a gender neutral examination, and can be used for same-sex couples. Themes for Two is Robert Hand’s interpretation of Composite charts, which use the midpoints of the birth charts for a couple. In a similar method, the Relationship Report uses the midpoints of the birth data for the couple, creating a new chart that stands for the relationship. If you are deeply involved in a relationship, you might want to do an evaluation with Rate Your Relationship, which provides a scorecard based on the aspects in the charts of the couple. If you are not in a relationship and are looking for love, A Time for Love┬ácan tell you the best times to go looking for love in all the right places. Our most popular romantic report is the Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners, which provides a two-ring chart for comparisons between the natal aspects of the lovers. All of these reports are on sale in June for 15% off.

Also on sale for 15% off are some booklets dealing with romance and relationship, such as the Venus booklet, the Mars booklet, and the Juno booklet.

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