Natal News in August


For August, ACS is focusing on Natal reports, with 15% off our best features. Your Planetary Profile has always been our most comprehensive report, filled with details of special areas in your life, such as career, love, and home life. Your Astro Analysis is a good report for beginners,  giving  information on the horoscope houses, the planets, and their aspects. Spotlight on You is an easy, basic report, best to offer to people who know nothing about Astrology. Finally, a well-written report for novices is The Sky Within by Steven Forrest, filled with wit and insight about archetypal images used in Astrology.

Check out the August ACS Newsletter for a look at Bill Clinton’s Solar Return chart, and how the almost-lunar eclipse on August 18 will be aspecting it.

Also on sale are the Only Way to Learn Astrology books.  Buy one title at 15% off, or get four titles for $40.00.

We are having a sale on the All About Astrology booklets. Get 15% off of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, What are Winning Transits, and What are Astrolocality Maps. Finally, we have on sale our Personalized Astrology Lessons, at 15% off. You can receive them by e-mail or get a free notebook with the lessons and homework assignments all laid out.

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