The Metaphysical Month

spirit-guidesOctober is the time for metaphysical events, some prediction in the ACS newsletter,  and special sales from ACS.  Wondering about reincarnation? Check out our report Your Past Lives to figure our your previous existence. Have a question about events coming up? Check out the Tarot Report, with four different card spread designs available (the Celtic Cross, the Horoscope, the Future, and Progressions.) If you want a humorous look at the future, check out Passing Fancies with its zany aphorisms, cockeyed advice, and some sensible advice as well in dealing with the transits. For a long-term study of the outer planets, check out Your Future: Outer Planet Transits, and see how those outer planets will be aspecting your natal planets for the coming year.

ACS will be having a sale on metaphysical books as well. Do you think you would be able to get along with your spirit guide? Find out by reading the book Spirit Guides. Trying to find out more about the Tarot? Learn more from Easy Tarot Guide. Still asking about reincarnation? Study the book Past Lives, Future Choices. Finally, do you ever think you might have a treasure in the palm of your hands? Learn the secrets from The Palmistry Textbook.

ACS has a new book coming out in October by Lady Deane, The Mystical Card Reading Handbook. If you order a copy of this book in October, you will receive a free deck of cards, and a special incantation by Lady Deane for blessing the cards.

We have received word that Jim Maynard’s calendars will be here by the last week in October. ACS is accepting advance orders for the calendars, which will be shipped out as soon as they arrive.


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