The Season of Giving is starting

2017.CIP_For November, the season of giving is starting, and you might want to do some shopping for those astrologer friends. Astrological calendars for 2017 are popular, with the Jim Maynard wall calendars, Celestial Guides, Astrologer’s Datebook, and the Pocket Astrologers. We also have the Llewellyn selection of calendars. Also, Janet Booth has come out with her 2017 edition of Janet’s Plan-its.

To promote self-understanding in a friend, you might want to consider a natal chart report for the holiday season. The Magical Child report is popular with parents of newborn babies for revealing the strengths and potentials of the child. However, the report is good for children of all ages, and it is never too late to discover strengths and potentials. A more in-detail report is Your Planetary Profile, which is the closest you can get to an actual reading by an astrologer.  For beginners, Spotlight on You, helps you discover your basic personality, as well as introduce you to the basics of Astrology.  For further study, Your Astro Analysis helps you with personal growth as well as giving lessons on Astrology on the planetary placements in your chart.

For November, ACS is having an Ephemeris sale with 15% off the American Ephemeris series. For the Astrologer in your life, a good Ephemeris is a needed tool. Do your holiday shopping early and get all the gifts you need before the December rush.

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