Welcome to the Season of Giving and Getting

JP17With December, the Season of Giving really gets going strong. Make sure you have enough astrological calendars for 2017. In particular, Janet’s Plan-its 2017 offers weekly interpretations of the the transits.  Jim Maynard’s calendars have transit listings for the whole year. Don’t forget the Llewellyn calendars for artistic beauty in your life.

December is the month we put on sale the Planetary Guide to Your Future, for those who want to look ahead at the coming year. Also on sale is Steven Forrest’s report, Skylog, giving transits and progressions to the natal chart.  In addition we have a sale on the Personal Astrological Life Calendar, which offers daily horoscopes that are set for each individual

If you are in need of stocking stuffers, the All About Astrology booklet series is on sale. Fill stockings with such topics as Uranus, Mars, Eris, and others.

In the December ACS newsletter, Marcia Masino offers some advice on looking ahead, and using the Tarot for divination. For those trying to find hope in 2017, it might be a matter of choosing the right card.


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