Happy (somewhat) New Year!



The New Year 2017 has finally arrived, but the question is whether it was worth waiting for. Check out the ACS January Newsletter for an examination of the Jan. 12 Full Moon and the unusual Cardinal Grand Cross.  Looking ahead to the coming year, ACS has future reports on sale. Your Year Ahead is our Solar Return report, which helps you plan from birthday to birthday. If you want something just for the month, Your Month Ahead offers your Lunar Return to examine the transits.  Progressed Profile gives you an interpretation of your progressed natal chart as your count your age down the lines in the ephemeris from your birth. Your Future: Outer Planet Transits helps you track the long-term trends in your life with the slower outer bodies.

We are having an inventory clearing sale on the following overstocked items.

Astrological Alchemy

Astrology for Career Success

Astrological Discoveries

Planets on the Move

We finally have copies of Lady Deane’s Mystical Card Reading Handbook. Lady Deane has autographed copies of the first edition, as well as offered free playing cards and a scroll blessing for the cards. Get yours while supplies last.

The other big news of the month is that ACS is moving to a new location. By Feb.1, our new address will be 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042. We may be shut down by the last week in January when we move our computers. We will place a notice on our website when our network is up and running.

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