April Specials

EJW288We finally have East Joins West, a decorative look at Chinese Astrology. For Western Astrologers who want an introduction t0 the Chinese system, this title reveals a lot about the symbolism and mythology of the Chinese Zodiac.

In April, we are emphasizing a sale on natal reports. Planetary Profile is our most in-depth report, the next best thing to a personal reading with an astrologer. Your Astro Analysis offers you a description of your personality while explaining the basics of astrology. The Sky Within is a well-written report by Steven Forrest, giving an explanation of your natal chart with the archetypes involved. Spotlight on You focuses a spotlight on the basic descriptions in your chart, offering the simplest explanations of the planets  in a beginner’s chart. Get these reports for 15AA% off for April.

It has been a year since the passing of our friend Simonne Murphy. We want to encourage people to read her works on Ceres and Pluto, as well as her astrological fairy tales, Acceptance and Friendship. We are offering her works for 15% off for April so that more people will enjoy her creativity.

Be sure to read the April ACS Newsletter.


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