Grand Opening June 24

100_2996On June 24, 2017, ACS moves into a new business phase with the opening of Starcrafts LLC Gallery and  Gifts.  We are still running charts and publishing books, but our headquarters at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042 is being transformed into a gallery for paintings, pottery, lamps, lanterns, and whatever crafts may come our way.

The day will start with a lecture at 10 am by Dorothy Morgan on “It’s not a crisis! It’s Saturn.” People will be encouraged to spend the afternoon with us.  The official Grand Opening time is 12:58 pm, just as Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune, which may offer some financial blessings to the business venture.

Free art charts will be given to people attending the Grand Opening, and there will be chart readers available to interpret the charts. There will also be Numerology and Card readers. Refreshments will be served, and we encourage people to spend the afternoon munching, studying artwork, and browsing our selection of books. Molly Sullivan will be giving a workshop on candle-making. The gallery will be open until 6 pm for the clever and the curious to come by and see our merchandise.

June is the month of Romance, and for those seeking June nuptials, we have our Romance reports on sale again. Get 15% off such helpful reports as A Time for Love, Romance Report, Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners, Relationship Report, Rate Your Relationship, and Themes for Two.

To fit in with the theme of passion and romance, we have a few booklets on sale for 15% off as well: The Mars Booklet, The Venus Booklet, The Juno Booklet, and The Art of Chart Comparison.

If you are in New Hampshire on June 24, be sure to join us for the Grand Opening. See it with someone you love.

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