Welcome to Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery


The second half of the year begins with a new business venture. ACS is sharing space with Starcrafts Giftshop & Art Gallery. The store is filled with paintings, mattes, large cards, small cards, lamps, lanterns, incense, resin, candles, and a variety of ceramics. Those visiting New Hampshire are invited to stop by 68a Fogg Road in Epping. The hours of operation are Mon.-Sat. 10 am-6 pm, and Sunday 12-6 pm.

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, ACS is having a sale on Future books and reports.  Get 15% off on such books as Future Signs, Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Easy Tarot Guide, and The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow.

For personalized reports on what is coming up, we have have a sale on these popular items. Your Year Ahead is our Solar Return report, looking ahead from birthday to birthday. For those looking for a more focused forecast, Your Month Ahead provides Lunar Return reports for each month you want to look at. If you are interested in your Progressed chart, the Progressed Profile will examine progressions starting at the beginning of a chosen month. Finally, we offer an electronic Tarot reading in our Tarot Report. The report is available with four Tarot formats, the Celtic Cross, the Horoscope, the Future, and the Progressed spreads. Questions may be asked for three fields, General, Love, and Work.

Be sure to read the July ACS newsletter about the USA Solar Return chart.

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