Greetings from Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery


Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery is now open at 68a Fogg Road in Epping, NH 03042, working in tandem with Astro Computing Services at the same address. All those in the area are welcome to stop by for a browse or even some meditation on art. The hours at 12-6 on Sunday, and 10-6 Monday-Saturday.

For August, we have a 15% off sale on unusual Natal reports. Facets of You examines the various sections of your birth chart, and offers a brief look at the future. If you are curious about the role of asteroids in your chart, you might want to study Asteroid Goddesses or The Asteroid Report, ¬†which are both filled with the information you need. If you are a woman or you have a woman in your life, you might want to get Just for Women, which gives insights as to a woman’s needs.

For a book sale, we have 15% off of titles that give an unusual look at your natal chart, such as Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, Astrology and Weight Control, Astrology for Career Success, and Astrological Alchemy.

As always, read the monthly ACS newsletter. For August it deals with the upcoming eclipse across the USA.

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