The Gift Giving Season is here.

ACS April Newsletter

The time for gift-giving is upon us. For those who have friends just getting into Astrology, what every beginner needs is an Ephemeris. For the month of November, every ACS Ephemeris is 15% off.  For those who need a new calendar for 2018, we have in the Jim Maynard calendars, Celestial Influences (Eastern or Pacific), Astrologer’s Datebook, Celestial Guide, and Pocket Astrologer (Eastern or Pacific.)

For November, we have 15% off on these special Natal reports, which make a good gift for friends seeking self-discovery. The Magical Child Report is good for a family that has a new baby, and young parents may appreciate the study of their baby, giving the strengths and potentials of the child.  Planetary Profile gives a detailed look at a person’s natal chart, offering a complete examination of the different areas of a person’s life.  Your Astro Analysis gives an explanation of a student’s chart, and also provides an Astrology lesson at the same time. Spotlight on You offers simplified information on the basics of a natal chart, giving a person the desire to study more with additional detail.

Be sure to read the November ACS newsletter.

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