Shopping for the Christmas Season

Maynard2018It’s time for Christmas shopping to move into high gear. Make sure your Astrologer friends have the latest Quicksilver calendars. For stocking stuffers, the Pocket Astrologer and the Astrologer’s Datebook are handy to have. For those who have been especially nice, the Celestial Influences wall calendar or the Celestial Guide notebook are well-appreciated items by most astrologers.

ACS also celebrates December with a 15% sale on our most popular reports: Planetary Guide to Your Future and Skylog. Both are well-written on the subject of what is coming up in your chart, and may give you insight for the coming of 2018. Also this year, we are putting on sale the Personal Astrological Life Calendar. Presented in a loose-leaf binder, the pages offer daily horoscope readings on  life lessons and interpretations of the planetary weather. There is also space for writing your opinions and evaluations of the personal predictions.

Also for December, all of the ACS booklets are on sale for 15% off. This is our “All About Astrology” series, in which different authors focus on planets, asteroids, and chart phenomena.

And be sure to read the ACS December newsletter.

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