Looking ahead to 2018

Your Month Ahead sale

Your Month Ahead sale

Looking ahead to the New Year, we have some future reports on sale for 15% off. If you just want to look a little bit into the future, we have the Lunar Return report Your Month Ahead, which will explain the transits for any month you choose. If you are looking ahead to your birthday, we have the Solar Return report, Your Year Ahead which will guide you from one birthday to the next. If you are looking at slow moving trends over a period of time, you should study Your Future: Outer Planet Transits which will show the patterns by the slower moving outer planets. If you need a good laugh to face the future, then you should be reading Passing Fancies, which offers zany aphorisms, some comical advice, and some serious advice on how to deal with the upcoming transits.

Continuing a look to the future, we have some future books on sale for 15% off. A wonderful whimsical look at the future is provided by Kim Rogers-Gallagher in Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. An important part of the the Only Way to Learn Astrology Series is the Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow by Marion March and Joan McEvers. One of our most popular future books is Future Signs by Maria Kay Simms, which provides the source material for the best-selling report Planetary Guide to Your Future. Moving away from Astrology, if you want to examine the future with the Tarot, you can learn that with Easy Tarot Guide by Marcia Masino.

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