Romance in the air (but don’t look for a romantic Full Moon)


February is the month of Romance, as demonstrated by Valentine’s Day. However, do not look for a Full Moon to croon and spoon by. The matter of the missing Full Moon is explained in the ACS February newsletter.

To fill the void, ACS is offering 15% off on our Romance and Compatibility reports. If you want to know how your relationship is doing, you can examine the scorecard in Rate Your Relationship. If you are hunting for that certain someone, Time for Love will let you know when you should venture forth with gun and camera. If you have a person in mind, there are reports which will give indications how the relationship will work out. Check out the Romance Report, Themes for Two, Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners, and the Relationship Report.

If you just want to read about Romance and Astrology, we have a few titles at 15% off. Your Starway to Love is Maritha Pottenger’s work on romance. Marion March and Joan McEvers included relationships in their “Only Way to Learn Astrology” series, with Volume 5 being The Only Way to Learn about Relationships. For romantic heavenly bodies, we have two booklets on sale: Juno: Key to Marriage, Intimacy, and Partnership and Your Love Life: Venus in Your Chart.

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