Celebrate the Luck of the Irish


In March we celebrate the Luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The ACS gambling reports are on sale for 15% off. Check out each month with the Winning Overview. Once you have determined a winning day, use the Winning Transits and Simplified Winning Transits for a minute-by-minute breakdown of your best times for gambling. To study the system further, you might want to read Joyce Wehrman’s booklet What are Winning Transits? Also, the software based on her system, Lucky Times, is on sale.

To quote an old Jewish proverb, the secret to success is “Location, Location, Location.” To help you find your best location, we have Astro Map Analysis on sale. The report puts the midpoints of your chart angles and planets on a map of whatever continent you want to move to (Antarctica not included.) Once you have found the right city, you can see if it is the right spot with our Relocation Profile, which runs your natal chart as if you have been born in the new city. Also, we have a book on sale about relocation called Planets on the Move.

Be sure to read the March ACS newsletter which has an old article by Joyce Wehrman describing her system.

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