Uranus in Taurus: Long Live Chains


In May, Uranus moves into Taurus. Be sure to read about it in the May ACS Newsletter.

On sale in May (for 15% off) are  reports that make nice Mother’s Day presents. Your Magical Child is written for parents who may not know much about astrology, and it presents the strengths and potentials of the child. (Good for children of all ages.) For further study of Mother/Child relations, we have the Compatibility Profile for Mother and Child. Not to leave out grandmothers, we also have on sale the Compatibility Profile for Grandparent and Child. Of course, there are other relatives who should be acknowledged on Mother’s Day, such as Aunts, Cousins, or Sisters who had to take on a motherly role. For them we have the Compatibility Profile for Other Relatives.

For your astrological studies, we have maternal books on sale for 15% off, such as the book version of Your Magical Child and Understanding Children through Astrology. For mothers who want to read to their children about astrological topics, we have two planetary fairy tales by Simonne Murphy on sale,  Acceptance and Friendship.

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