Hollow the Leader


Be sure to read the June ACS Newsletter with the article “Hollow the Leader” on the role of leadership at the time of the Summer Solstice.

For June, we are celebrating our grads and dads with some special reports for 15% off. For those graduates who are still uncertain about career choices, we have the Professional Profile, which may offer a direction in the business world. For graduates who are moving to a new location, we have on sale the Relocation Profile, which may give advice needed to fit into a new spot.  For lucky graduates who have found a business position, we have on sale the Compatibility Profile for Business Colleagues, just to help them see how they may get along. For Father, we have on sale the Compatibility Profile for Father and Child, and it does not matter if they are new fathers or old fathers.

For people getting a head start on Summer reading, we have these titles on sale for 15% off:

Astrological Alchemy

Archetypes of Astrology

Astrological Discoveries


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