Welcome to Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery


The second half of the year begins with a new business venture. ACS is sharing space with Starcrafts Giftshop & Art Gallery. The store is filled with paintings, mattes, large cards, small cards, lamps, lanterns, incense, resin, candles, and a variety of ceramics. Those visiting New Hampshire are invited to stop by 68a Fogg Road in Epping. The hours of operation are Mon.-Sat. 10 am-6 pm, and Sunday 12-6 pm.

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, ACS is having a sale on Future books and reports.  Get 15% off on such books as Future Signs, Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Easy Tarot Guide, and The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow.

For personalized reports on what is coming up, we have have a sale on these popular items. Your Year Ahead is our Solar Return report, looking ahead from birthday to birthday. For those looking for a more focused forecast, Your Month Ahead provides Lunar Return reports for each month you want to look at. If you are interested in your Progressed chart, the Progressed Profile will examine progressions starting at the beginning of a chosen month. Finally, we offer an electronic Tarot reading in our Tarot Report. The report is available with four Tarot formats, the Celtic Cross, the Horoscope, the Future, and the Progressed spreads. Questions may be asked for three fields, General, Love, and Work.

Be sure to read the July ACS newsletter about the USA Solar Return chart.

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Grand Opening June 24

100_2996On June 24, 2017, ACS moves into a new business phase with the opening of Starcrafts LLC Gallery and  Gifts.  We are still running charts and publishing books, but our headquarters at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042 is being transformed into a gallery for paintings, pottery, lamps, lanterns, and whatever crafts may come our way.

The day will start with a lecture at 10 am by Dorothy Morgan on “It’s not a crisis! It’s Saturn.” People will be encouraged to spend the afternoon with us.  The official Grand Opening time is 12:58 pm, just as Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune, which may offer some financial blessings to the business venture.

Free art charts will be given to people attending the Grand Opening, and there will be chart readers available to interpret the charts. There will also be Numerology and Card readers. Refreshments will be served, and we encourage people to spend the afternoon munching, studying artwork, and browsing our selection of books. Molly Sullivan will be giving a workshop on candle-making. The gallery will be open until 6 pm for the clever and the curious to come by and see our merchandise.

June is the month of Romance, and for those seeking June nuptials, we have our Romance reports on sale again. Get 15% off such helpful reports as A Time for Love, Romance Report, Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners, Relationship Report, Rate Your Relationship, and Themes for Two.

To fit in with the theme of passion and romance, we have a few booklets on sale for 15% off as well: The Mars Booklet, The Venus Booklet, The Juno Booklet, and The Art of Chart Comparison.

If you are in New Hampshire on June 24, be sure to join us for the Grand Opening. See it with someone you love.

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An Introduction to Eris on May 20


Brigitte Helm as an Eris figure in “Metropolis” (1927)

On May 20, the Seacoast Astrological Association will be meeting at the ACS offices at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH. Tom Canfield will be speaking on “An Introduction to Eris: the mythology, the dwarf planet, and the Frenemy Principle.” He is the author of “Yankee Doodle Discord: A walk with planet Eris through USA history” and “Eris in Signs, Houses, and Aspects.” The lecture will begin at 10 am. Admission at the door is $10.00.

Guests are invited to stay after the lecture to browse through the ACS bookstore, to admire the art work in the new gallery, and to examine the gift items on sale.

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May matters

1Eris1Things are getting stirred up at ACS. Tom Canfield is giving his Eris lecture on May 20.  On April 15, Maria Kay Simms gave her lecture on Astrology and the Power of Eight, which is out in a new edition. We are busy selling East Joins West, which introduces Western Astrologers to Chinese Astrology.

To celebrate May and Mother’s Day, we are having 15% off on the Your Magical Child report, Compatibility Profile for Mother and Child, Compatibility Profile for Grandparent and Child, and Compatibility Profile for Other Relatives.

For 15% book sales in May, we have the Third Edition of Your Magical Child, Understanding Children through Astrology, Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, and The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 1.

Be sure to study the May ACS Newsletter for the article on “Eris and the Octaves.”


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April Specials

EJW288We finally have East Joins West, a decorative look at Chinese Astrology. For Western Astrologers who want an introduction t0 the Chinese system, this title reveals a lot about the symbolism and mythology of the Chinese Zodiac.

In April, we are emphasizing a sale on natal reports. Planetary Profile is our most in-depth report, the next best thing to a personal reading with an astrologer. Your Astro Analysis offers you a description of your personality while explaining the basics of astrology. The Sky Within is a well-written report by Steven Forrest, giving an explanation of your natal chart with the archetypes involved. Spotlight on You focuses a spotlight on the basic descriptions in your chart, offering the simplest explanations of the planets  in a beginner’s chart. Get these reports for 15AA% off for April.

It has been a year since the passing of our friend Simonne Murphy. We want to encourage people to read her works on Ceres and Pluto, as well as her astrological fairy tales, Acceptance and Friendship. We are offering her works for 15% off for April so that more people will enjoy her creativity.

Be sure to read the April ACS Newsletter.


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Seacoast Astrological Association Meeting on March 18

new office 1On Saturday, March 18, Astro Computing Services/Starcrafts LLC will be hosting a meeting by the Seacoast Astrological Association at our new offices at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042. The meeting starts at 10 am. Dusty Bunker will be speaking about Uranus. Admission at the door is $10. It is best to RSVP to save a seat ahead of time.

This is the first in a series of lectures by the Seacoast Astrological Association. The next lecture will be on April 15 with Maria Kay Simms speaking on “The Power of Eight.” Upcoming lectures will be on the third Saturday of the month, with breaks during the months of July, August, January, and February.

For those astrologers in Eastern New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts, and Southern Maine, we hope you will be able to join us for future lectures.

Coming down Route 125: We are at the corner of the first traffic light going South into Epping. Our building is on the right at the corner of  Route 125 and Fogg Road,  across the road from NAPA Auto parts.

Coming from Route 101: Take Exit 7 for Epping and Route 125. Turn on to Route 125 North, and go 1.5 miles. You will see our building on the left as you approach the traffic light. Turn left onto Fogg Road, and we are immediately on the right.

If you need further directions, please call us at 603 734 4300.


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New Events in March


ACS/Starcrafts announces a new title this month. East Joins West explains Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers, giving them a well-rounded look at astrology with a study of the symbolism and mythology of the Chinese zodiac. This book is filled with lovely pen and ink illustrations. The price is $12.00

ACS has come to an agreement with the Seacoast Astrological Association  to help them find a new home for their Astrological lecture series. Starting in March, the SAA will be meeting at our new location 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH, on the third Saturday morning of each month (excepting July, August, January, February.) The first lecture is on March 18 with Dusty Bunker speaking on Uranus. Maria Kay Simms will be speaking in April, Tom Canfield will be speaking in May, and Dorothy Morgan will speak in June. Aside from having books to sell, ACS also has a lending library, and we are willing to lend out books on a monthly basis to the SAA members.  Get the details in our March ACS newsletter.

As we approach the Vernal Equinox, people are thinking over new plans, and may be wondering about the what and where in their lives. We have some reports on sale for 15% off that might help them.  To determine if you are in the right place, Astro Map Analysis can help you find your best spot in the civilized world to settle down. Once you have found that spot, the Relocation Profile can help you determine if it is a good place for you. If you are thinking of switching professions, Professional Profile might come in handy for a career change. If you have some health questions, Body and Soul uses the lessons of Ayurvedic medicine along with your natal chart to determine your body type.

This is the time of year to put calendars on sale for 15% off, and if you did not get your 2017 calendar yet, now is the time to order one while supplies last. Also in March, this is the 44th anniversary of the founding of ACS, and to pay tribute to the work of Neil Michelsen, we are having a sale on the American Ephemeris series. Get an Ephemeris for 15% off.

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Happy February from our new location

new office 1ACS has moved to new offices at 68a Fogg Road in Epping, NH. The new building will offer us some space for potential retail sales.  Check out the February ACS newsletter for more pictures of our new home.

February is the month of Romance with Valentine’s Day approaching. On sale this month are appropriate reports: Romance Report, Rate Your Relationship, Time for Love, Relationship Report, Themes for Two, and Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners.

Also on sale in February are the booklet for Venus, the software for The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Romance, and the book The Only Way to Learn about Relationships.

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Happy (somewhat) New Year!



The New Year 2017 has finally arrived, but the question is whether it was worth waiting for. Check out the ACS January Newsletter for an examination of the Jan. 12 Full Moon and the unusual Cardinal Grand Cross.  Looking ahead to the coming year, ACS has future reports on sale. Your Year Ahead is our Solar Return report, which helps you plan from birthday to birthday. If you want something just for the month, Your Month Ahead offers your Lunar Return to examine the transits.  Progressed Profile gives you an interpretation of your progressed natal chart as your count your age down the lines in the ephemeris from your birth. Your Future: Outer Planet Transits helps you track the long-term trends in your life with the slower outer bodies.

We are having an inventory clearing sale on the following overstocked items.

Astrological Alchemy

Astrology for Career Success

Astrological Discoveries

Planets on the Move

We finally have copies of Lady Deane’s Mystical Card Reading Handbook. Lady Deane has autographed copies of the first edition, as well as offered free playing cards and a scroll blessing for the cards. Get yours while supplies last.

The other big news of the month is that ACS is moving to a new location. By Feb.1, our new address will be 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042. We may be shut down by the last week in January when we move our computers. We will place a notice on our website when our network is up and running.

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Welcome to the Season of Giving and Getting

JP17With December, the Season of Giving really gets going strong. Make sure you have enough astrological calendars for 2017. In particular, Janet’s Plan-its 2017 offers weekly interpretations of the the transits.  Jim Maynard’s calendars have transit listings for the whole year. Don’t forget the Llewellyn calendars for artistic beauty in your life.

December is the month we put on sale the Planetary Guide to Your Future, for those who want to look ahead at the coming year. Also on sale is Steven Forrest’s report, Skylog, giving transits and progressions to the natal chart.  In addition we have a sale on the Personal Astrological Life Calendar, which offers daily horoscopes that are set for each individual

If you are in need of stocking stuffers, the All About Astrology booklet series is on sale. Fill stockings with such topics as Uranus, Mars, Eris, and others.

In the December ACS newsletter, Marcia Masino offers some advice on looking ahead, and using the Tarot for divination. For those trying to find hope in 2017, it might be a matter of choosing the right card.


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